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  • Mom of 2 boys (13-year-old and 5-month old)
  • Wifey to the best hubby and friend
  • Dog momma to a goofy Mastiff mix that is afraid of the fridge

I’m also the middle school boys basketball team mom, boys cross country coach, an avid triathlete, social media nerd and lover of all things CHATBOTS.

​​​​​​​You’ll often find me out running/biking/swimming OR have bulletproof coffee in hand in the drop off line at school or on the soccer field, basketball court or cross-country trails with the baby and hubby cheering on the school teams.

geek out when my coaching clients have wins, my academy members reach new milestones in their careers and my clients succeed.

I love helping personal brands, e-commerce and entrepreneurs create a loyal and engaged following cultivated  with strategic social media management, purposeful content creation & curation and engaging chat bots.    

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I'm Sarah Hanford

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I totally ...

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I love working with other business owners!  

I have hosted numerous masterclasses.  I have been invited to speak at Social Media Made Easy conference.  I also love doing page takeovers and podcasts!  

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